Toll operators must forego proposed increases

17 November 2022

Labour transport spokesperson Duncan Smith said the increases announced by Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) must be reversed.
Deputy Smith said in light of the cost of living crisis, and with a lack of clarity as to how roads will be improved as a result of these increases, it is unfair to expect already stretched commuters to pay even more.

Deputy Smith said:

“The increases announced today are simply unfair for road users and I am calling on TII to forego these increases. Since news broke of these proposed increases this morning, my office has been inundated with representations from people who use toll routes regularly. They’ve already experienced huge increases in the price of fuel, as well as the increased cost of living across food and heating. It’s too much to ask of people.

“If this was a climate measure we would of course support it. But the majority of people who use toll routes do so because there are no viable public transport options available to them. That’s why Government commitment to infrastructure like Metrolink is so vital to communities in North County Dublin and inner city Dublin to enable people to move away from cars and onto quick, cheap and sustainable transport options.

“Many motorists use the M50 for journeys to work, including those dropping children to crèches and child minders as well as carers visiting homes. The additional financial burden will be unbearable for these people.

“This is a bitter pill to swallow for hard pressed motorists. Costs across the board are increasing at runaway rates. There is simply no justification for these increases, and the decision must be reversed.”

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