Government for fails to prioritise disability services in Budget 2024

10 October 2023
  • Budget 2024 fails to provide adequate disability provisions
  • Disregard for vulnerable evident in Government’s treatment of Section 39 Workers

Labour spokesperson on Health and Disability, Deputy Duncan Smith, has today called out the Government for failing to prioritise disability services in Budget 2024.

Deputy Smith said:

“Government’s failure to invest in disability services is a betrayal of the most vulnerable people in our society.

“Every year Labour has urged Government to take action and once again in our alternative budget, we have outlined a plan to address the massive unmet demand for disability services. But the Government has once again failed to deliver for people with disabilities and their families.

“There is an obvious disregard for workers in the Community and Voluntary Sector also. The Government’s failure to include provisions for the Section 39 Workers, many of whom work in the Disability Sector, is a disgrace.

“These workers are on the frontlines of providing essential services to people with disabilities, but they are paid less than their counterparts in the public sector. As a result the Section 39 workers are having to resort to strike action.

“The Minister for Health could end this strike before it begins at the flick of a pen. Section 39 workers deserve to be compensated for the vital work that they do, it is a fact that this Government refuses to address restoring pay parity for workers in the community, care and voluntary sector, not just workers in Section 39, but also in Section 10 and Section 56 organisations.

“It is a fact that time and time again, this Government has failed to support the vulnerable in our society.”


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