Tragic day for Dublin

24 November 2023

Labour health and transport spokesperson Duncan Smith has expressed his solidarity with all working in the capital in extraordinary difficult circumstances.

Deputy Smith said:

“I want to express solidarity with all frontline workers that keep our city safe and moving who last night were subject to vicious rioting, intimidation and violence.

“To see the scenes last night whereby bus drivers were removed from their vehicles before the vehicles being set alight are beyond words.

“SIPTU have reported that their members in the emergency services sector across Dublin Fire Brigade and the National Ambulance Services were attacked indiscriminately while doing their best to protect communities in inner city Dublin.

“To hear the INMO already report racist attacks on nurses, medical staff, health care workers is disgusting.

“Also the Dublin City Council workers who are so often underappreciated but who work around the clock for the people of Dublin.

“Every worker deserves to work in safety. Unfortunately that did not happen for many of our workers in transport, health, Dublin city council and retail last night. These are the people who, I believe, actually reflect who we are as a society. Those who seek to protect, to support and to keep the city moving.

“Over the coming days, we will all have to reflect on what has happened and put in place measures to ensure it doesnt happen again.”

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