Statement by Alan Kelly on latest RTÉ report

01 February 2024

Labour TD for Tipperary and Oireachtas Public Accounts Committee member Alan Kelly said:

“I can’t fathom why it took this long to get this information regarding these redundancy packages. When RTÉ came before the Public Accounts Committee, we repeatedly asked about and interogated these redundancies.

“It seems that the information was within the management team already, so why weren’t we just told what they knew there and then?

“Or, is it the case that after everything that has happened, Mr Bakhurst couldn’t fully believe the answers he’d received directly from the management team that he’d have to put on the record, so he took the safer option by commissioning this report, despite the information already being available?

“That in itself would say so much about where RTÉ is currently at.”

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