Time to tackle corrupt landlords

Ivana Bacik TD
22 February 2024
  • Urgent Need to bolster RTB powers
  • Rental inspections are up but enforcement is non-existent
  • Renters evicted at the whim of landlords
  • Some landlords breaching employment and rental laws
  • European Commission delaying Airbnb regulation

Questioning the Tánaiste in the Dáil today, Labour leader and housing spokesperson Ivana Bacik called out Government for failing to tackle the outrageous behaviour of some landlords in Ireland.

Deputy Bacik said:

“The rental market is a grim place for so many and this Government is failing to put sufficient measures in place to protect renters.

“Those struggling to rent a home must continue to compete with short term tourist lets. Five years since the Oireachtas first debated a Labour Bill to regulate Airbnb-style lets, the European Commission is still delaying a decision on the Government’s own proposal to do just that.

“Where is the urgency? Why is Government not following up with the European Commission to deliver fairness for Irish renters?

“Renters in Ireland are still at the whim of landlords. There has been no tangible strengthening of renters’ rights since the general election four years ago. No-fault evictions are still taking place, and while inspections of rental properties have increased, enforcement is practically non-existent.

“Not a single prohibition notice was issued in 10 local authority areas last year. Many more are in just single digits.

“Homelessness figures will be out tomorrow, and no one is under any illusion that there will be good news this month. Every day, across the country, renters live in fear of the dreaded call to tell them that they are losing their home.

“Under this Government’s watch, it’s a wild west out there for renters.

“What’s more, the latest reporting on the activities of the Luxembourg investor Marc Godart in Ireland is beyond belief.

“CCTV cameras to monitor tenants, accusations of unlawful evictions, failure to pay compensation to former tenants and summarily firing of his workers who have had to endure ruthless working practices. It’s outrageous.

“What is this Government doing to stop some landlords acting with impunity and riding roughshod over the rights of tenants, and of workers? We need to see greater powers of enforcement and sanction provided to the Residential Tenancies Board.”


Parliamentary Question on Rental Inspections 2023

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