IBEC’s disingenuous last ditch attempt to derail Dublin Transport Plan must be rejected

22 May 2024
  • Labour Cllr demands rejection of IBEC’s last-minute interference plan
  • Consultation period already concluded

Labour’s Councillor Darragh Moriarty (South West Inner City) has condemned IBEC’s last-second attempt to derail the Dublin City Centre Transport Plan. He is urging Dublin City Council to reject IBEC’s disingenuous intervention, emphasising that the plan is crucial for reducing traffic congestion and enhancing the quality of life in Dublin’s core.

Councillor Moriarty said,

“This eleventh-hour intervention from IBEC is totally disingenuous and makes a mockery of the consultation period of the Plan which Dublin City Council (DCC) organised last year. At IBEC’s own request, DCC put on information and briefing sessions with IBEC members on what these plans would entail. And what did IBEC do? Nothing. They didn’t write so much as a sentence of feedback during the consultation phase. Now they pipe up, a couple of months out from the first phase of implementation, attempting to derail the entire plan.

“I’m constantly meeting people in town – delivery drivers, tradespeople, maintenance workers etc – who need to travel into and around town for work. We absolutely must ensure Dublin City Council makes it clear what the best routes for workers through the city are. But ironing out those details and making this plan work doesn’t mean putting the whole thing on pause and kicking it to row Z, as IBEC appears to be hoping for.

“The aim of the City Centre Transport Plan, is to prioritise road space for those who want to spend time in our city centre, as opposed to those cutting through the city to go somewhere else. DCC traffic analysis found that 6 in 10 cars are travelling through the city. This results in huge traffic congestion, which we see day in day out. We know the Quays have basically been a carpark for years. This needs to change.

“The interventions are necessary to rid Dublin City centre of traffic congestion. It is simply choking our city. When we alleviate those pressures, town will be a much more enjoyable place to spend time for the people who live and work there, and the people who want to spend time and visit the city centre.

“We cannot allow a few, very loud, voices who failed to engage when they had the chance, now disrupt a well-considered and much-needed plan for our city’s future. Dublin City Council must reject this last-minute rejection and proceed with the implementation of the Transport Plan without delay.”


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