Labour Party members host public meeting on the refugee crisis

Labour Equality
29 June 2016

Labour Equality will this evening (June 29th) host a public meeting to discuss the ongoing refugee crisis at the Teachers Club, Parnell Square. The talk will include contributions from experts in the area and speakers on the night will include Senator Ivana Bacik, Labour Party Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs, Jim Clarken CEO of Oxfam Ireland and Stephen Collin, Solicitor with the Irish refugee Council. Eoin Barry, Chairperson of Labour Equality, said: “Labour Party members continue to be concerned by the ongoing refugee crisis. In recent months we have seen the politics of prejudice and hate return in full force. We believe there is a need for people to work together to address this crisis in a sensible and humanitarian manner” “Last year there was an out pouring of grief throughout Ireland after the images of Aylan Kurdi were released and the reality of the crisis struck home. In response the Irish Government committed to taking in 4,000 refugees. We believe more can be done, and are calling on all political parties to work together to ensure the Government fulfils the promises made in 2015. “Furthermore we believe there can and should be a European solution to the crisis.”

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