Labour Disability welcomes Dublin City awareness campaign

Labour Equality
19 June 2017

Labour Disability welcomes the campaign being launched today by the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Brendan Carr and Dublin City Council to promote disability awareness in Dublin city.

Chair of Labour Disability Mick Keegan commented: “We welcome the Lord Mayor’s disability awareness campaign and hope it makes people conscious of what it is like to try and get around this city as a person with a disability. We all use the footpaths to get around the city safely, but if you are blind or use a wheelchair, it’s not so easy when people park their cars on footpaths or attach their bikes to lampposts and cause obstacles.

“We hope this disability awareness campaign will make people think before they park their car, bike or any other object that will block the footpath, as these innocent actions make it harder for people with disabilities to get around this great city of ours.” 

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