Labour women supports Project Arts Centre over Pepeal 8th mural controversy

Labour Women
25 July 2016

Labour Women would like to voice their support for the Project Arts Centre and street artist Maser in relation to the recent removal of the Repeal the 8th Mural.

Sinead Ahern, Chair of Labour Women said: “The mural on the side of the Project Arts Centre in Dublin lasted just 18 days.  In that time, 216 Irish women travelled to access abortion services abroad. 

“According to the Project Arts Centre, this is the first time they have been served with a planning notice in relation to a piece of artwork on their front wall.  The mural by artist Sums which was painted in support of marriage equality last year was never served with such a notice. 

“This most recent attempt to silence debate and stifle momentum around Repeal the 8th will not work and we are fully supportive of the Project Arts Centre and of Maser as they pursue official channels in Dublin City Council in order to re-install the mural.”

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