Labour Women opposed to religious ethos in National Maternity Hospital

Labour Women
07 December 2018

The Labour Women National Executive have declared their opposition to the National Maternity Hospital being run with a Catholic ethos, or under the influence of any religious order.


Their members, along with members from across the Labour Party, and Labour Youth, will be joining the national demonstration on Saturday the 8th December, calling for the new National Maternity Hospital to remain free of any overriding religious ethos.

Labour Women Deputy Chair, Hannah Deasy commented:

“The new National Maternity Hospital at St. Vincent’s will be a publically funded maternity hospital and as such should be managed free of any overriding religious ethos which may influence the type of care provided to patients.

“Labour Women has opposed the involvement of a religious order in the running of this new National Maternity Hospital since news of the deal first emerged. In a pluralist democracy, Irish women deserve better. Hospitals built and paid for by the State must remain in public ownership.


“In light of recent legislation which is before the Oireachtas to regulate abortion, a part of reproductive healthcare which will have to be offered in Irish hospitals, it is important that we ensure there are no barriers put in place to care.”

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