Calais Motion will mean a real opportunity for young people to have a better life

Labour Equality
02 November 2016

Labour Equality is today supporting the motion to immediately relocate 200 children from Calais and calling for an emergency plan to be put in place to meet their needs.

National Chairperson of Labour Equality, Eoin Barry commented

“Irish people have witnessed the plight of refugees in Calais with great sadness and distress. The compelling images on our screens nightly have inspired Irish people to reach out and help to ease the suffering of these young people. Ireland has a long history of promoting human rights and responding to people in need. Today we call on the Government to immediately relocate 200 of these children to Ireland.

“Relocating this small number of children won’t stop all of the suffering on our screens. But it is will mean a real opportunity for these young people to have a better life. To make real change we need the government to have a real plan. This means working across the government departments and NGO’s to meet the needs of these children, they will need adequate care placements, social care support, psychological input, health care and access to education.

“It’s time for action and time for new politics to get things done.”  

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