Labour Women
20 January 2017

Labour Women has spoken out on the upcoming inauguration of the US President Elect later today, describing it as “a low point for many, but something which we will and must overcome”.

Speaking on the matter today, Chair of Labour Women Sinead Ahern commented: “Today marks the build-up of a culmination of many negative feelings over the last few months for those of us who thought that today would be the day when the first ever female President of the US would be inaugurated. Instead, we will all witness the inauguration of a person who has continuously belittled and degraded the female race as a whole, amongst many other groups and minorities, making today a very difficult day for many worldwide.

“Throughout the Presidential campaign, we saw how the now President Elect frequently used extremely derogatory and misogynistic language – the likes of which we’ve never heard before from a US Presidential candidate – which he also frequently directed at the ‘nasty woman’ he was running against.

If the President Elect regards outspoken, intelligent people who aren’t afraid to challenge the patriarchy but who also happen to be female as ‘nasty women’ – then we all need to stand in solidarity with ‘nasty women’ everywhere.

“As of today there will be a man in the White House who does not believe that we are all equal; but instead of letting this deter us we must instead use it as fuel to drive us to campaign for a better global society that respects all genders, colours and creeds equally.

“So while there’s an emerging global shift to the far right in recent times, we must ensure that all those who stand against this must take on the challenge of addressing the root causes of why this is happening to ensure nothing like this ever happens again.

“We will be attending the Women’s March on Washington in Dublin tomorrow in support of equality and promoting civil rights for all humans everywhere, and we strongly encourage everyone who can make it to attend their nearest march.”

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