Labour Women
09 March 2017

Labour Women has today welcomed the publication of Labour’s Bill to help address the gender pay gap.

Speaking on the matter Labour Women Chair Sinead Ahern commented: “It’s well known that women earn less than their male colleagues and the statistics released this week shows little has changed in that regard, with Irish women earning 14% less than men.

“Having the requirement for medium to large-sized companies to regularly publish wage transparency surveys that would highlight any difference in pay between their male and female employees is an effective way of highlighting the issue. If it’s worked in closing the gender pay gap elsewhere then it can here too.

“While two out of every five managers here are women, putting us ahead of France, Sweden and the UK – women in management positions in Ireland earn 16% less than men. In addition to this women are severely under-represented at the highest levels, with just 17% of directors in Irish companies being women.

“On International Women’s Day this week we celebrated the strength and diversity of women and showed up in our thousands to stand against an outdated Constitution that sees fit to control women’s bodies. But that’s not the only battle Irish women face.

“Women in work must be supported and recognised for what they contribute in the workplace and that begins with equal pay for equal work so that we can then smash the glass ceiling that’s holding us back.”

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