Senator Rebecca Moynihan
07 April 2017

Deputy Lord Mayor of Dublin City, Labour Party Councillor Rebecca Moynihan has called for greater investment in cycling infrastructure.

Cllr Moynihan said:

“Labour is committed to good quality transport services that serve all areas and communities. We want to see our public transport networks converted to green vehicles and environmentally friendly fuels.

“Currently, we are only spending 1% of our Transport budget on cycling, this figure is not good enough.

“Cycle any morning in Dublin and the streets are packed with those choosing the cleanest and healthiest form of transport to work and school. Now we need to ensure it’s the safest, and that if more people take to the streets that our roads are designed and adapted for bikes.

“The benefits of cycling are obvious. Not only will increased numbers of cyclists take vehicles off our roads and ease congestion, it will also have benefits for the environment as cycling is, perhaps, the most eco-friendly means of transport.

“Government also has a role to play in terms of promoting cycling through our schools and education system, promoting safety towards cyclists in the driving test, improving safety standards on our roads to ensure all cyclists are protected to the greatest extent possible from road traffic accidents, and recognising Ireland’s potential as a popular destination for visitors and tourists who wish to explore the countryside on their bicycles.

“In Labour’s 2017 Alternative Budget we proposed a 20 cent subvention for every journey on the public bike schemes that were introduced by Labour. Along with a subvention to support the running costs, we want to expand the bike schemes to Waterford, Tallaght and Dun Laoghaire. Funding applications have been submitted for these schemes to the NTA.

“We also sought the introduction of a cycle to school scheme, to support the purchase of bicycles for children, as well as the funding of all viable cycle network plans.

“It’s time to invest in cycling for a greener Ireland.”

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