Labour is Leading on Equal Treatment in the Workplace

Labour Women
24 May 2017

Labour Women has commended Senator Ivana Bacik and the Labour Party for leading the way on addressing the gender pay gap ahead of today’s debate on the issue in the Seanad.

Chair of Labour Women Sinead Ahern commented:

“This Bill requiring employers to publish the difference between what they pay men and what they pay women would do much to close the gender pay gap.

“It’s well known that women earn less than their male colleagues, earning on average 13.9% less than men per hour. Having the requirement for medium to large-sized companies to regularly publish wage transparency surveys that would highlight any difference in pay between their male and female employees is an effective way of highlighting the issue. And if it’s worked in closing the gender pay gap elsewhere then it can here too.

“We will be holding a rally outside Leinster House today at 6pm calling for cross party support on this vital issue. For too long women in work have not been fully recognised for what they contribute in the workplace. The first step in addressing this is delivering equal pay for equal work so that we can then smash the glass ceiling that’s holding us back.”


For more information contact Sinead Ahern -0863983189

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