No more delays in repealing the Eighth Amendment – Labour Women

Labour Women
13 June 2017

Following two announcements as in as many days demonstrating how the Eighth Amendment has yet again failed the women of Ireland, Labour Women is calling for the end of delaying tactics by the government to hold a referendum on repealing the Eighth Amendment.

Chair of Labour Women Sinead Ahern commented: “Yet again after more horrific incidents where the State has failed to adequately provide for women in their most vulnerable state we see further evidence that the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution is not in the best interests of women and never has been”

“I know I’m not the only person to be repulsed by the news yesterday that a teenage girl was sectioned in a psychiatric ward for wanting an abortion – and today we learn that yet again the UN human rights committee has ruled against Ireland’s laws on abortion following another case where a woman was forced to travel for medical treatment. What kind of country are we living in where we treat women with such contempt and disrespect?

“Late last year we welcomed the government’s response to the Amanda Mellet case but warned that there is nothing in place to prevent what happened to Ms Mellett from happening again to other women.

“There appears to be no end to the number of women who have been grossly mistreated as a direct result of the Eighth Amendment; it is therefore imperative that a referendum is called on this as soon as possible.

“This Saturday we will be at the Rally to Repeal the 8th from 3pm at the Central Bank, Dame Street Dublin 2 and we urge as many people as possible to join in one of the nationwide rallies and make a stand against this Amendment which has destroyed so many lives.”

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