Community must be at the heart of Newmarket Regeneration

Senator Rebecca Moynihan
03 July 2017

Labour Dublin City Councillor for the Liberties area, Cllr. Rebecca Moynihan has welcomed the ambitious plans for regeneration in the Newmarket area of Dublin 8, but said that community must be at the heart of the development, with space for local activities and the market traders who have done so much to keep Newmarket alive be allowed to continue.

Cllr Moynihan said:

“Plans to regenerate the Newmarket area are welcome and build on the local success of the Food Cooperative, Flea Market, Greendoor Market and the new distillery.

“However we must ensure that going into the future, private planning applications in the immediate area are conscious of the need to ensure that the vibrant community spirit in the area is retained and it doesn’t become a part of the city where only transient infrastructure is delivered.

“We’re a little bit worried that the makeup of people in the area in the coming years will be a lot more transient and I think people have to have regard for the residential nature of The Tenters in the inner city.”


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