Labour Women welcome historic Repeal result

Labour Women
26 May 2018

Labour Women are today welcoming what is a resounding message from the electorate to remove the 8th amendment from the constitution.

Commenting Labour Women chair Sinead Ahern said

“This result is about much more than removing a constitutional bar to abortion legislation. The phenomenal campaign and this clear result shows us that the Irish people have said clearly and loudly that we are no longer the country that turned a blind eye to the 1000’s of women incarcerated in Magdalene Laundries. We are no longer the Ireland that persecuted Joanne Hayes or left Anne Lovett to die alone in a grotto because of the stigma and shame around single motherhood. We are a nation of caring, compassionate people who are no longer willing to abandon their sisters, daughters and mothers when they need our support the most.

“This historic result has been a surprise to many but it has not come from nowhere. It is the product of the tireless work of generations of activists from the men and women of the contraceptive action program, the anti amendment campaign, action on X, Choice Ireland, the Abortion Rights Campaign, and the many other groups which have worked on this issue over the years.

“Labour Women were proud to stand with so many groups as part of the Coalition to Repeal the 8th and Together for Yes. This result is also due in no small part to the politicians who were not afraid to speak out on this issue when it was difficult to do so; Jan O’Sullivan whose first political campaign was to oppose the 8th, Ivana Bacik who risked jail to provide abortion information, Brendan Howlin who’s home was picketed by anti abortion activists to name but a few.

“Today is a historic day and this result is important but there is still work to do. We are calling on the government to legislate quickly to put an end to the lonely journeys made by Irish women everyday as soon as possible. We are also calling on the government to immediately decriminalise use of illegal abortion pills to ensure that no women is prosecuted for obtaining an illegal abortion while we wait for legislation to pass. Finally we are calling on the government to ensure that women’s reproductive choices are supported and respected not just by the legalisation of abortion but by ensuring that access is not determined by financial means or geographical location. We are calling on the government to ensure that consent and respect are core in Irelands maternity services and that women who choose to continue crisis pregnancies are also supported.”


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