Labour Women and Labour Youth welcome official repeal of the 8th amendment

Labour Women
19 September 2018

Labour Women and Labour Youth have welcomed the official repeal of the 8th Amendment.

Commenting Labour Youth chair Chloe Manahan said

“Now there is no official legal impediment we are calling on government to act swiftly, in partnership with stakeholders to ensure legislation is passed as soon as possible. We are also calling on government to ensure that services are adequately resourced so as to make sure that women have access to them regardless of means or location. Healthcare should be available to all and money should never be a barrier to access.

“Hundreds of women will have accessed terminations abroad, or illegally here in Ireland while legal challenges to the referendum result were processed. Now that these have been dealt with we are calling on government to take immediate steps to ensure the dignity and safety of women. We are calling on government to immediately repeal the information act and allow healthcare professionals to make direct referrals to abortion services abroad for the women who need them.

“We are also calling for the government to immediately decriminalise women using illegal abortion pills to ensure no woman fears prosecution for obtaining an illegal abortion as we wait for legislation.

“Finally we are calling on the government to ensure that consent and respect are core in Irelands maternity services and for a review of the national consent policy fit for a post repeal Ireland.


For further comment contact Sinead Ahern on 0863983189 or Chloe Manahan 087 654 7589

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