Is it time for Dublin to consider a Night Mayor?

Senator Rebecca Moynihan
12 January 2019

Labour Party spokesperson on Community Arts and General Election candidate for Dublin South Central, Rebecca Moynihan, has said it is time to consider to follow London’s lead in introducing a ‘Night Mayor’ for Dublin City.

Councillor Moynihan:

“The closure of venues such as the Tivoli and Hangar has sparked much debate around the need for more late-night spaces in Dublin.

“It is time for the Government and Dublin City Council to consider introducing a night mayor to ensure Dublin night life and the night time economy doesn’t die in our capital city.

“It can’t be denied that there are many places for tourists to go and enjoy what they see to be a traditional Irish night out, but with the closure of venues like the Tivoli and Hangar, the ability for Dubliners to enjoy late nights way from the main tourist centres are decreasing.

“Late night venues, with reasonable opening hours comparable to those in other major European cities, aren’t just good for the people who want to enjoy them, they also contribute massively to the local economy.

“The continued commitment to the night-time economy as a strategy for urban growth can be seen in the establishment of night mayors in major cities such as Amsterdam, Paris, Zurich and London. If Dublin was to have our own night mayor, they would be able to liaise between venues and the courts when it comes to licensing, they would also be able to work with transport companies such as Dublin Bus to develop a better strategy around late night routes.

“It is disheartening to see so many high-profile late night venues in Dublin close their doors, something needs to be done to foster and promote vibrant night life for local people, and the introduction of a night mayor needs to be examined urgently.”

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