Cosgrove selected to contest for Labour in Sligo Local Elections

13 February 2019

On Tuesday night in the Sligo SIPTU offices, Nessa Cosgrove was selected to contest the local elections in May for the Labour Party in the Sligo-Strandhill ward. The convention was attended by Labour Party Leader Brendan Howlin TD.

Addressing members of the Party at the selection convention Cosgrove outlined her reasons for running, and what she wants to achieve if elected.

Ms Cosgrove said:

“I believe in what Labour stands for through its principles of honesty, equality of access and fairness for all people living on this island.

“With my experience in Youth and Community work, it is in my nature to be involved in my local community, trying to make a difference to my community, our town and our society.

“I live in the biggest private housing estate here in Sligo, in Cartron Point and am the street rep on our Residents Association, I am also Chairperson of Cartron Community Recreational Committee, where a small group of us organise a number of events throughout the year such as family fun days, kids Halloween and Christmas Parties.

“Our ultimate goal is to develop a Multi-Age Community Park within the estate and we have been pushing this for two years now to no avail. It’s so frustrating and very disheartening  and this is one of the reasons why I’d love to be in a better position  to help move forward projects like this.

“I am Treasure of Sligo Family Resource Centre in the Mall here in town and I am Beaver Scout Leader in my area for a number of years.

“I am an active member of SIPTU Sligo/ Leitrim Roscommon District Council and I was heavily involved in the Together for Yes Campaign last May.

“I am delighted to have also recently been asked to be the Youth Liaison Representative for the Sligo Dreams Project for 2019.

“I have worked as a Youth Worker for over 20 years, 15 of those here in Sligo and I understand the needs of young people and the issues they face. I work with the Home Youth Liaison Service in 3 post primary schools in Sligo where I support vulnerable young people and their families in an empathetic and non-judgemental way. Empowering young people and their families to access available voluntary, community and statutory services in the area is a major part of my job and I have for all of my professional life worked within the Voluntary and Community Sector. I understand the precarious work conditions experienced right throughout this sector, particularly in the areas of low pay and insecure and short term work contracts. I have also seen first-hand the knock-on adverse and often detrimental effects these working conditions have on the vulnerable people that use and need these essential services.

“But most importantly and finally I absolutely love Sligo. Both my husband and I are complete blow-ins. I am originally from Bandon in Co. Cork and Conor is from Cootehill in Co.  Cavan, neither of us have any family connection here whatsoever. The people and landscape of Sligo welcomed us here in 2003 where we have replanted our roots and set up our home. Our three children are true Sligo townies and are involved in many clubs and groups in the town. We have everything on our doorstep here in Sligo: mountains, sea, lakes, rivers, music, theatre and art, sport, great restaurants and great pubs. Almost everything you want and need, –  everything however except jobs.

“We need better infrastructure to support job creation and to ensure that people who are lucky enough to live here can also work here. If given the opportunity I would breathe new life into Sligo County Council by:

  • Promoting and encouraging job creation in Sligo, with particular emphasis on local start-up companies.
  • Prioritising the consistent and ongoing support and development of Voluntary and Community projects in Sligo.
  • Campaigning for the increase in statutory Mental Health Services for the people of Sligo, particularly young people.
  • Pushing for the development of Spaces for young people to socialise both indoor and outdoor spaces, and not just sporting facilities.
  • Safeguarding the ongoing building of affordable and social housing in a transparent and effective manner
  • Ensuring that all developments in Sligo are sustainable, inclusive and community led.
  • Campaigning for continued improved road and transport infrastructure.
  • Continued investment in all areas of the Arts which are already so vibrant within this community
  • Developing a system to ensure Sligo County Council is inclusive, transparent and answerable to the people of Sligo

“Unfortunately there is no sitting Labour councillor in Sligo at present despite the tireless work done by Marcella McGarry when she was a Councillor and Mayor. The Labour Party nationally has suffered very hard knocks over the last 5 years but I know that Sligo is traditionally a very strong Labour voting town and I think there is a gap here where we can once again regain a strong, progressive and hardworking vote.

“I want to bring back to life the Labour movement in Sligo as the foundations built by the people that came before us were solid and strong. But we need help, vision and support to make this a reality. I think as an enthusiastic, approachable and relatively young candidate I can win a Labour seat on Sligo County Council because people know that our council needs fresh ideas, new energy and an honest and transparent voice.”

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