Nessa Cosgrove

Sligo–Leitrim, Sligo-Strandhill
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Nessa Cosgrove

Why I got involved in politics

I am a wife and mother of three children and have been working as youth worker within the voluntary and community sector for over twenty years.

I grew up in a home where history and politics were a huge party of everyday discussions (and often arguments!) and I have for as long as I can remember had a strong sense of social justice.

I became a member of the UPLIFT people powered change movement a number of years where a huge community of concerned citizens came together to have a voice in trying to change our country for the better.

I couldn’t sit back anymore and watch the rich and poor divide grow bigger all the time and I couldn’t sit back anymore and watch the grave environmental crises accelerate without any real measures being put in place to try and reverse it.

I wanted a stronger voice for myself, for my children, for my community and for our world, so I joined the Labour Party in 2016 whose members share my vision of a fair and just society, where everyone should be given a fair shot and where people of all ages, colours, creed, culture, ability are given a fair and equal chance of reaching their full potential.

My priorities

To attract sustainable jobs and investment across the Northwest, bringing about more balanced development across the country.

Build social, affordable and purpose build housses on a large scale across the region.

Introduce a nationwide rent freeze.

Ban the importation of fracked gas.

Reduce public transport costs.

Improve cycling infastructures across the region.

End the contracting out of services by the HSE and Tusla.

Increase resources for SEN in post-primary schools.

Introduce a public system of childcare.

State investment in off shore windfarms.

Introduction of a Living Wage.

Improve capacity of our regional hospitals.

My background

  • Local Election Candiate Sliggo- Strandhill 2019.
  • General Election Candiate For Sligo, Leirim, South Donegal and North Roscommon 2020

Clubs and Committees

  • VP of Sligo Leitrim Council of Trade Unions,
  • Secretary of Sligo Cycling Campaign,
  • Member of Sligo Childrens Community Garden,
  • Cartron Biodiversity,
  • Cartron Community Recreational Commitee and Cartron Point Residents Association,

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