Slow down to save lives

Senator Rebecca Moynihan
28 March 2020

Labour Cllr Rebecca Moynihan has called on drivers to slow down and save lives on near empty roads.

Councillor Moynihan said:

“Speeding causes accidents and slowing down will save lives. With far less traffic cars and other vehicles are moving more quickly. This is putting other road users at risk.

“Cyclists have been reporting that people are driving faster in roads, the likelihood of being seriously injured and hospitalised is much lower when people are driving 30km per hour.

“With a full lockdown now there will be fewer people out and about but we must ensure the rules of the road are observed.

“Many more people are out cycling and parents are also taking their children on safety seats. Drivers must slow down and ensure we don’t burden our health system with unnecessary accidents.

“I support the call of cycling organisations for for the Minister Shane Ross to implement lower speed limits via ministerial order under Section 4 of the Road Traffic Act 2004”

“With extra pressure on frontline Garda services now with cocooning of the elderly and enforcing restrictions on movement, the last thing they need is to be overburdened with people who cannot adhere to the rules of the road who end up putting the lives of others in danger”

“Don’t put more pressure on our health service for the sake of trying to save yourself a few minutes when driving.”

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