Wall backs call for Sport Fund and Task Force

Senator Mark Wall
20 May 2020

Labour Party spokesperson on Sport, Senator Mark Wall has backed the call from the Federation of Irish Sport for supports to help sporting organisations and clubs survive, and get back up and running.

Senator Wall said:

“While some tennis and golf returned since Monday, for all other organised sports it has been a long ten weeks and still no sign anytime soon for many of activities getting back to normal.

“The Federation of Irish Sports, which represents 81 national governing bodies, and 29 local sport partnerships has called for specific measures to help.

“On behalf of the Labour Party I want to offer our support for those proposals, as we need to do all we can to ensure activities can resume when the time comes as sport is so important for our physical and mental health. The restrictions will have had a major financial impact on clubs and groups.

“The call for a resilience fund makes real sense, and a designated task force similar to that for tourism is essential.

“Restart funding has been promised for business, and money has been committed to support charities struggling during the lockdown. Something similar is needed now for sport.

“It is essential that Minister Ross, who has been happy to pose for pictures with our sporting stars in the past when they have brought success to our shores, now rows in with a substantial support package, just when clubs and organisations really need it.”

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