Our elder population need their own roadmap

Senator Mark Wall
15 June 2020

On World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, Labour Senator Mark Wall has urged the Government to outline in detail a road map for our older population as we all continue to look forward to the easing of the restrictions around Covid 19.

Senator Wall stated that he was aware of a number of older people who continue to live in fear of leaving their homes during the current pandemic, and he called for mandatory mask wearing when visiting those cocooning.

Senator Wall said:

“It’s time a comprehensive decision was made by the Government on the wearing of face masks. It is simply not good enough to continue to ignore the growing worldwide evidence on the benefits facemasks provide in fighting the spread of Covid-19.

“The Government is today encouraging the wearing of face masks when visiting those cocooning but really it should be mandatory. Our older population needs the security of everybody wearing face coverings to protect them and ensure that they can play their part as we emerge from the restrictions of this pandemic.

“It must also become the norm that there are specific times for our Older population in local authority parks , times that will encourage social contact between our elderly population.

“We have seen the magnificent community response in visiting and ensuring that our older population have a proper meal and daily social contact. As we emerge from the restrictive measures of Covid-19, Ireland must adopt this positive consequence of the pandemic and ensure that those Community groups are properly funded and can continue the terrific services they provide.

“We have to ensure that our older population is protected and have a social outlet as they have contributed so much to this state. We must all become more aware of Elder Person abuse and we must all work on becoming the solution to ending it.”

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