Remembering those who served on our National Day of Commemoration

Senator Mark Wall
12 July 2020

Speaking on our National day of Commemoration, Labour Defence spokesperson Mark Wall paid tribute to all those who have served our people at home and abroad, and died in service to our country.

Senator Wall said:

“This is an important day where we commemorate and remember those who died in our service.

“Irish men and women who have represented us, fought for us and died for us throughout the decades must be remembered and honoured, and it is essential that we do that in an inclusive and respectful way.

“On behalf of the Labour Party I want to pay tribute to that proud tradition of service and all those who died in war, and on service with the UN.

“This year in particular with the restrictions of a global pandemic we are reminded of the importance of public service and the loss felt by of all those whose loved ones have died due to Covid-19.”

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