Kildare needs action not sympathy

Senator Mark Wall
23 August 2020
  • Restrictions must be reviewed if numbers continue to fall.
  • Answers needed for parents on reopening of schools.
  • Task force for those on frontline and working with those at risk needed.
  • Impact of lockdown on border towns must be addressed.

With the Kildare lockdown restrictions extended for another two weeks, Labour Senator Mark Wall has called for a series of specific actions from the government, and asked the Taoiseach and Tánaiste to visit the county and see firsthand the issues that need to be resolved.

Senator Wall said:

“With lockdown restrictions put in place for another two weeks, it is essential that the Taoiseach, and the Business Minister visit our county, see first-hand the impact of the restrictions and address the issues I am raising. We now need action, not sympathy.

“The Government must seriously look at allowing Kildare out of their county specific lock down next weekend should the figures continue to go down as was explained to us when the extended measures were introduced. If this does not happen then many businesses in the county will never open again and the vulnerable in the county will face unprecedented mental health problems

“Parents need answers with schools due to reopen over the coming days. The Minister for Education and and Minister for Health must clarify to the population of Kildare, the reasons why they consider schools are safe to open again. This is another reason why the Dáil should be back this week.

“In light of the worrying reports from Germany after their schools reopened is the Department fully confident that community transmission in Kildare is under national averages. Parents are worried and want to know what action will the Minister for Education and the agencies of government take on families that just feel they cannot send back their children to school? Local engagement is essential.

“I am also calling on the government to set up an immediate task force to assist and support those working on the front line with the vulnerable, and those suffering with mental health issues in county Kildare. Resources must be put in place now or the mental health of many more Kildare people will be affected.

“There is a specific problem impacting on businesses in border towns, and the people who access goods and services there. The Tánaiste in consultation with the Minister for Health and NPHET must also look at how the catchment areas of border towns in KIldare can be serviced, and consider if consumers from over the Kildare border can travel into Kildare to purchase goods and services within a radius of for example 10kms.

“The €1 million Fáilte Ireland budget must be used on specific staycations and cash vouchers within County Kildare only. Hard pressed Kildare businesses will close or simply not open if this is not the case.

“I hope the government is listening and now acts because we don’t need more sympathy.”

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