Legislation needed to prevent developers converting student accommodation into tourist accommodation

Senator Rebecca Moynihan
07 September 2020

Labour Housing Spokesperson, Senator Rebecca Moynihan is calling on the Minister for Housing, Heritage and Local Government to introduce legislation to prevent developers converting student accommodation into tourist accommodation.

Senator Moynihan was speaking after an application was made to Dublin City Council for a change of use of a luxury student accommodation development, the Tannery in Dublin 8.

Senator Moynihan said: 

“We need stronger planning guidelines on student accommodation to stopdevelopers attempting to turn purpose-built student accommodation into apartments for tourists. There are several luxury student accommodation builds across inner city Dublin and we cannot allow developers to convert them into tourist apartments at a whim.

“The Minister needs to take action and prevent more developers from attempting to do this especially in light of the likely lack of international students due to Covid-19.

“I am calling on the Minister to step in immediately and offer stronger guidelines to local authorities and An Bord Pleanála to avoid purpose build student accommodation being converted into tourist accommodation.

“Developers need to know that they cannot be allowed to view our communities as investment opportunities. There is a massive shortage of decent quality, long-term one- and two-bedroom apartments in inner city Dublin and developers must understand that if they build student accommodation that they cannot apply at whim to the planning authorities for a change of use to either co-living or accommodation for tourists.

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