Establishment of an Independent Review into Jadotville welcome

Senator Mark Wall
11 November 2020

Labour Spokesperson on Defence, Senator Mark Wall has welcomed the establishment of an independent review to consider the entire Jadotville case including any new evidence.


The review was established following Senator Wall’s motion to the Seanad on the recognition of Irish military service in Jadotville in 1961 and an agreement by all Senators to discuss the matter.


Senator Mark Wall said:

“I welcome the announcement by the Minister for Defence that he and the Chief of Staff have agreed to the establishment of an independent group of external experts to consider the entire Jadotville case including any new evidence. This Independent review group will report its findings to the chief of staff who will then make recommendations to the Minister for Defence and the review will be completed by March 2021.


“There was a very positive debate in the house today, with support from all political groups for the awarding of the medals. I agree with the Minister that politicians should not award medals.

“However, as I said to him, it is important that as politicians we are allowed to bring this to his attention in order to seek recognition for the heroic deeds of men such as those who fought at Jadotville.


“We owe these men a lot, their bravery is now our country’s bravery, we must never forget what they achieved for this state and the service they gave to the United Nations. I will await the outcome of the expert group and would encourage those involved, their families and anybody who has information on this historic Irish military defence to bring it forward to the Minister so that it might form part of the expert groups review.

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