Return of Iveagh Markets to Guinness Family welcome, it should never have been allowed to fall into this level of disrepair

Senator Rebecca Moynihan
08 December 2020
  • State must step in and work with Lord Iveagh to ensure the market is restored


Labour Housing Spokesperson, Senator Rebecca Moynihan has welcomed the return of the Iveagh Markets treo the Guinness Family and said that the market should never have been allowed to fall into a level of disrepair that will cost millions to repair.

The Victorian building in the Liberties has fallen into a dilapidated state after a protracted dispute between the council and a developer.

Senator Moynihan said:

“I welcome this development as this historic building which should be the jewel of the Southwest inner city has been left vacant in ruinous condition for far too long. 

“I am writing to the Minister for Heritage, Malcolm Noonan because the building requires substantial investment to see if the state can work with Lord Iveagh to ensure that the market is restored to a proper market for the people of Dublin.

“It should have never been allowed get to the situation where one man was allowed to hoard this building and leave it fall into such a level of disrepair and dilapidation that it requires €13 million worth of work over ten years to bring it back into use.

“I am glad to see action on this because it was likely to be tied up in legal wrangling for years as the Council sought to repossess the property and I am relieved to finally see concrete progress on this.

“In 2019 I submitted an emergency motion to Dublin City Council asking that the Chief Executive begin the process of taking the Iveagh Markets back into the full control of Dublin City Council as the terms of the lease granted, first in 1997 and then again in 2004 were repeatedly frustrated by the actions of the developer. 

Senator Moynihan continued:

“While this is a very welcome development, I will be pressing the need for the Government to step in to ensure that the necessary supports are put in place to allow this vital piece of our heritage to be restored as a tourist attraction and as a market for Dubliners.

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