Action on Affordable Housing Welcome but Concerns Remain

Senator Rebecca Moynihan
20 January 2021
  • Proposals of 400 units to serve a market of approx. 326,000 renters absurd
  • Control mechanisms must be implemented to avoid prices increases
  • Suite of protections required for renters


Labour spokesperson on housing, Senator Rebecca Moynihan, has welcomed the publication of the Affording Housing Bill 2020 by the Minister for Housing today. Commenting on the Bill, Senator Moynihan reiterated the need for affordable housing and protections for renters.


Senator Moynihan said: “The Affordable Housing Bill is long overdue. The housing crisis has not dissipated throughout the pandemic, the problem has been worsened by the increased financial pressures on households throughout the country at this time. While I welcome the publication of this Bill, concerns remain.


“The cost rental proposals included in this Bill are welcome, however the proposal of 400 units does not come close to meeting the demand in the market for cost rental housing. The 2016 census revealed that approx. 326,000 households are renting. Therefore, these proposals will not make a dent in addressing the rental crisis we are facing. Cost rental must be a key priority for this Government if they are serious about tackling the housing issue.


“I also have concerns around any housing scheme leading to an overall increase in price. While we look forward to reviewing the Minister’s control mechanism proposals, the devil will be in the detail. Crucially, it cannot lead to an overall increase in price through the shared equity scheme. The Minister should also urgently bring forward a suite of measures of protections for renters within the private sector.


“Ultimately, while I welcome the publication of this Bill, it does not go far enough to address the massive rental crisis that we have. The Labour Party believe that the State should be the lead provider of housing and believe that the Government should place much more of an emphasis on cost rental.”

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