Affordable Housing Act will marginalise those in receipt of HAP payment

Senator Rebecca Moynihan
10 February 2021

Speaking after the first stage of the Pre-legislative scrutiny at the Housing Committee, Senator Rebecca Moynihan called on the Minister to specify how the proposals of the Affordable Housing Act comply with the Equal Status Act.

Under the scheme of The Affordable Housing Bill, the Government is proposing to marginalise people in receipt of the HAP payment by excluding them from cost-rental measures.

Senator Moynihan:

“The Minister needs to confirm how excluding people who are currently on HAP from the proposed cost-rental scheme complies with the Equal Status Act. They’ve made it illegal for landlords not to take on those in receipt of HAP, yet now they are proposing to do the same to people.

“It’s clear that this is discriminatory towards many low to middle income earners who have to avail of the HAP scheme. They are in high rent, low security private rented sector but because they are getting an income support it is proposed that they be excluded from a scheme which is designed to provide long-term, secure affordable rental.”

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