Consultation on Defence Forces Once in a Generation Opportunity

Senator Mark Wall
12 February 2021

Labour spokesperson on defence Senator Mark Wall has urged all members of the Defence Forces to partake in a consultation set up by the Defence Forces Commission to have their voices heard. The Commission, appointed to undertake a comprehensive review of the Forces, is chaired by Aidan O’Driscoll with 14 other members from a range of backgrounds. While there is no member of the Force sitting on the Commission, there is an opportunity to raise issues and concerns through an online consultation. 

Senator Wall said: 

“The establishment of the Defence Forces Commission is welcome and much needed to deal with ongoing issues, including recruitment, pay, conditions, career progression and welfare of services families. I have been contacted by a large number of members of the Force who are eager to ensure their voices are heard at the Commission and that the full spectrum of issues stated above are addressed. 

“In response to this, I asked the Minister to consider appointing a serving member of the Forces to the Commission. While the Commission has deemed that this would not be appropriate, it has launched a consultation on its website as an alternative. 

“I would encourage all members of the Forces to participate in the consultation. It is an opportunity to communicate the issues faced on a day to day basis, and the reforms that you would like to see to improve the Force and quality of life for members. The Commission is a once in a generation opportunity to look at the future of the Irish Defence Forces and one that must be utilised. 

“I would also like to acknowledge the continuing efforts of our Defence Forces personnel in assisting the HSE in the growing fight against this Covid threat to our country. During this challenging time for the country, the Labour Party remains committed to supporting the Forces and highlighting the pay and conditions of those serving.”

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