Club Players Association secured the future of club GAA

Senator Mark Wall
03 March 2021

Labour sports spokesperson Senator Mark Wall has thanked the Club Players Association for their work progressing change in the GAA and the sports community of Ireland. Having successfully achieved its goal to ‘fix the fixtures’, Senator Wall commended the impact of its work for generations of club players to come.

Senator Wall said:

“With news this morning that the Club Players Association will disband, I want to thank the CPA on behalf of the Labour Party for their trojan work in achieving better conditions for club players throughout the country.

“Through collective action, the CPA played a crucial role in highlighting the lived experiences of club players from county to county who felt burnt out, with many citing mental health difficulties as a result of this. This weekend’s historic decision to institute a split playing season is due to the work of the CPA and has come as a relief for club players everywhere.

“The power of collective action can be immense, and I have no doubt that providing more certainty to club payers will curb drop out levels throughout the country.

“The GAA is the lifeblood of all our communities. Players and volunteers put their hearts on the line and provide a spectacle for their community. It is only right that club players have certainty about the season. I have no doubt that through its efforts, the CPA has secured the lifelong future of the games in towns and villages throughout Ireland.”

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