Delivery of social housing too slow

Senator Rebecca Moynihan
09 March 2021

Reacting to the 2020 Social Housing Statistics published by the Minister for Housing, Labour housing spokesperson Senator Rebecca Moynihan has criticised the slow delivery of social housing.

Senator Moynihan said:

“The numbers published today are very disappointing. While everyone accepts that progress has slowed due to Covid, Government needs to realise that the crisis in housing has not gone away. The pandemic has not eradicated the urgent need to build social housing and deliver homes for people who are waiting on the social housing list.

“Similarly, counting the number of tenants availing of the HAP scheme in social homes isn’t a good representation because people who are living in HAP are also subject to evictions and the insecurity of the renting sector. People who are availing of HAP will potentially be subjected to eviction notices once the ban is lifted after July. It’s not secure social tenancy.

“We need to be scaling up what we’re delivering in cost rental, but we also must ensure that the eviction ban is extended until the end of the year.

“Labour firmly believe that the housing issue can be solved, but it needs political will and a range of State-led measures to deliver social and affordable housing. We need a referendum to recognise socio-economic rights in the Constitution, including the right to a means of affordable housing.”

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