Increased funding for litter prevention welcome

Senator Mark Wall
05 May 2021

Labour Senator Mark Wall has welcomed the announcement of additional funding for litter prevention and cleaning this summer. A common sense approach is needed to deal with increased rubbish, and people must be empowered to dispose of their waste easily.

Senator Wall said:

“The news that the Minister will devote €5 million in additional funding for litter prevention and cleaning is really welcome and I am delighted that he has heeded Labour calls to better equip communities for an outdoor summer. Lockdown and restrictions have shown us all the beauty of our communities under our nose . We were all disappointed to see the additional litter on our streets and in parks during the good weather, and the reality is that these areas just need to be better resourced to be ready for our outdoor summer.

“We need to make it easier for people to dispose of their waste after meeting for their outdoor coffees or pints. It’s clear that as more and more people are enjoying the outdoors, we need to fully equip the outdoors with enough bins, particularly in areas like parks or near benches where people tend to meet socially. Public spaces must be made enjoyable and functional to meet the expected increase in demand.

“Volunteers are the lifeblood of our communities and they put in a phenomenal effort to keep everywhere tidy. They do so selflessly for love of their locality, but they shouldn’t have to. We need to equip our communities so that people can enjoy their outdoor summer.

“I echo the Minister’s comments and urge everyone to pick up their litter and leave the environment as they found it when enjoying public spaces. People must take pride in the spaces and remember to pack up after they’ve enjoyed the outdoors.”

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