Incredible that resources for Dublin still being examined – Housing for all falling down

Senator Rebecca Moynihan
04 December 2021

Labour housing spokesperson Rebecca Moynihan said government’s ‘Housing for All’ plan seems to be drifting further and further out of reach with the announcement of 200 jobs in local authorities throughout the country, with none approved to date in Dublin. Senator Moynihan said there are serious questions as to how these structures were not in plan and up and running to date.

Senator Moynihan said:

“We already know that Housing for All doesn’t deliver enough State led social and affordable housing and the fact that many of the jobs announced today were not already in place makes me wonder just how achievable any of the aims of the Housing for All plan or how realistic the targets the department have set for each local authority. Unless backed up by money, expertise and a community infrastructure fund, we will continue to chase our tail when it comes to housing.

“It is genuinely incredible that the Department is still considering resources for local authorities in Dublin where we know the housing crisis is most acutely felt. This is another demonstration of the total lack of ambition and urgency to make things better for the many people living in homelessness, struggling to pay astronomical rents or waiting on social housing. There is now a serious question mark about whether enough homes will be delivered in Dublin in time.

“Can the Minister to provide a detailed timeline to people know as to what impact this will have on the delivery of the homes promised. The past five wasted years of Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael housing policy is pushing people to the brink, forcing them to barely get by in a two tiered society. People deserve secure and affordable housing but the lack of urgency, planning or lateral thinking it deeply concerning.”

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