Less spin more action in the area of housing

Senator Rebecca Moynihan
26 January 2022

Labour housing spokesperson Rebecca Moynihan said the government needs to take real action rather than repeated PR exercises to deliver real change for renters. Highlighting the exponential increase in rents throughout the country, Senator Moynihan said crucial problem areas remain ignored by government.

Senator Moynihan said:

“Government are again spinning that the housing strategy is working for people in the latest Housing for All Progress Report. We’ve seen from the RTB and Daft reports that rents are spiralling out of control in a market crippled with a dearth of supply.

“This is happening in an economy in the depths of an inflation crisis. The cost of living is soaring and wages have not caught up. Many renters are spending up to 70% of their wages purely on keeping a roof over their head. Meanwhile, their standard of living is falling as they face increases in heating bills, electricity bills, transport costs and food. Renters are simply working to get by and survive, not live and thrive.

“Security of tenure remains a huge worry for people and we know that it is renters in the private market who are most at risk of entering homelessness. Right now, the thresholds for evicting a good, hard working and loyal tenant is very low. People are often forced to uproot their whole lives at short notice without any good reason.

“We’re also seeing government produce half-baked policy solutions that are not even tinkering around the edges for people. The progress report claims that areas like income eligibility for social housing are complete – which will come as a surprise to people on an average wage who can’t qualify for social housing.

“There are some quick wins that we should immediately implement to increase supply and protect low-income families and individuals who are being badly hit by extortionate rents. This government needs to get to work for ordinary people and forget the spin.”

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