Cathal Brugha barracks announcement a body blow to Defence Forces Personnel

Senator Mark Wall
28 January 2022

Labour spokesperson on defence Senator Mark Wall has said the unexpected announcement from Minister Eamon Ryan about the future of the Cathal Brugha barracks represents another body blow to an already demoralised Defence Force.

Senator Wall said:

“In recent discussions with The Taoiseach, the Minister for Defence and other Government officials I was told that the Government are waiting on the report on the future of the Defence Forces. A report meant to frame the Government’s response on the future of the Defence Forces.

“This unexpected announcement from Minister Ryan, a couple of days before the report on the future of the Defence Forces is due, has now compromised it. The barracks is already home to Defence Force personnel and is the site of a number of listed and historic buildings.

“The State has a duty of care to all those who work in the Cathal Brugha barracks and the workers that live there. This throw-away comment from a senior government Minister on social media that the barracks will be relocated was the first time those that work there found out about their futures. They deserve better.”

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