Widespread breaking of the rent pressure zone rules – government must be on the side of renters

Senator Rebecca Moynihan
09 February 2022
  • Time for immediate rent freeze
  • Retrofitting grant and substantial renovations must be removed as a reason to evict
  • Greater investment in cost rental urgently needed

Labour housing spokesperson Rebecca Moynihan has slammed the government for their laissez faire approach to protecting renters in Ireland. Speaking following the publication of another damning report showcasing the genuine strain and pressure of renters, Senator Moynihan said until renters are protected with proper rights, Ireland will never have a properly functioning housing market.

Senator Moynihan said:

“Unfortunately renters know whats side the government are on in this crisis. Security of tenure remains a huge worry for people and we know that it is renters in the private market who are most at risk of entering homelessness. This is because government have consistently chosen not to act on tangible measures to protect renters – a rent freeze until supply catches up with demand; stronger powers for the Residential Tenancies Board including the power to spot check rental properties; and to confirm that the retrofitting grant and substantial renovations be removed as a reason to evict people.

“Rents are soaring. It’s so high, that renters can’t save for a deposit for a house and feel trapped in this constant cycle of feeling they need to pay through the teeth just to keep a roof over their heads. It’s wrong in a modern society that so many hard working people are struggling. We have heard many groups share their stories of how the increased cost of living is impacting them. Along with the increased cost of every day items like food, like heating bills and like transport, renters are now paying over 10% more monthly to their landlords.

“The affordability gap in the market needs to be bridged with greater investment by the State in cost rental accommodation. Housing for All isn’t worth the paper it’s written on when we see the depths of the crisis shown once again by this morning’s Daft report. The government must commit to increasing its cost rental targets to deliver affordable rental homes taking account of the true reality of what is needed.

“We’ve been here before and we know government just don’t care. The figures in this morning’s report show that there is widespread disregard of the rent pressure zone legislation. Why won’t government act on this? Why won’t government give renters the break that they so desperately need?”

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