Land Value Sharing must be implemented before Summer

Senator Rebecca Moynihan
17 February 2022

As high value land in Dublin is expected to be rezoned, Labour housing spokesperson Rebecca Moynihan has called on government to implement the Land Value Sharing aspect of the Housing for All strategy before the summer.

Senator Moynihan said:

“The Land Value Sharing promised in the Housing for All strategy has yet to be delivered and government are now saying it won’t be delivered in 2022. The implementation of this is key to tackle issues around land supply and land value, a key component in the delivery of affordable housing.

“This is particularly coming into focus as church lands and golfing lands in Dublin are potentially being rezoned as part of the Dublin City Development Plan. Government needs to make sure that these high value sites, and the high value that comes from rezoning, is for the public good and doesn’t just give an uplift bonus to land owners. There can be no more foot dragging on this.

“At a time of the most chronic housing crisis this country has ever faced, financial gain from land rezoning shouldn’t be the goal, affordable housing delivery needs to be the priority.

“Huge amounts of money have been made over the years in speculative property deals with developers making little contribution through the taxation system to the cost of the provision of schools, transport and community facilities. We need to see more radical and game changing steps taken like the ending of windfall gains arising from rezoning lands.

“We need to see a long term view taken by government in relation to planning, zoning and ensure that flipping land isn’t a business model in itself as it has been in the past.”

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