Eviction notice figures are deeply worrying

Senator Rebecca Moynihan
07 March 2022

Labour housing spokesperson Rebecca Moynihan said government must urgently implement Labour’s Renters’ Rights Bill to end the practice of landlords evicting tenants when selling properties. Responding to figures released by the Rental Tenancies Board, Senator Moynihan said renters in the private market need much better protections.

Senator Moynihan said:

“Labour has long campaigned for better protections for renters in Ireland. The figures released by the RTB point to an extraordinary imbalance between the interests of private landlords and renters. 614 notices were given to renters by landlords who intended to sell the property in Q4 of 2021 alone. That is 614 people and families left under huge pressure to find a new home in a housing market that is crippling ordinary people.

“Renters face really serious problems around security of tenure, and these figures point to the need for government to take action now so that renters have better protections. Many renters live in fear of their landlords selling up as it could lead to their eviction from their rented home – a practice that needs to end now by restricting the grounds for evictions as Labour’s Bill seeks to do.

“Our Bill would remove the grounds which allows a landlord to end a tenancy on the basis that they intend to sell the property within three months. The RTB figures are further evidence of how badly needed this measure is to protect renters throughout the country.

“Right now, the thresholds for evicting a good, hard working and loyal tenant is very low. People are often forced to uproot their whole lives at short notice without any good reason. The patchwork effort by government is not working. We need to change the dynamics in the market and provide renters with greater security of tenure.”

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