Government must commit to increasing local authority inspectors

Senator Rebecca Moynihan
21 March 2022

Private Residential Tenancies register must be amended

Following the publication of research from Threshold showing the availability of more shortterm lets than long-term in key urban areas, Labour housing spokesperson Rebecca Moynihan has called on government to increase local authority inspectors to end the practice of landlords circumventing the planning permission rules.

Senator Moynihan said:

“Figures published by Threshold today demand immediate government attention. It is abundantly clear that many landlords are opting to change their long-term let properties into short-term lets which is a clear breach of planning rules.

“With a lack of local authority inspectors on the ground, we know that some properties are being used as unauthorised short-term lets. With unaffordable rents driving people into homelessness, we must ensure that the very basics of housing policy are in place. Government must commit to increasing local authority inspectors to ensure that properties are being used for their intended purposes.

“We need better transparency in the rental market to address the current power imbalance between renters and landlords. Labour’s Renters’ Rights Bill would amend the private residential tenancies register to provide full clarity for renters about the dwelling – including the number and duration of previous tenancies, any refurbishment works which may have been undertaken.

“While we wait to see the impact of Housing for All on the market, there are some fundamental gaps that need to be addressed by this government to level the playing field for renters. Despite renters accounting for a huge proportion of households in Ireland, they remain among the most vulnerable.

“The patchwork effort by Government is not helping renters, and shows the ongoing failure to address the core problems of soaring rents and lack of security in their tenancies. Government must ensure the fundamentals are in place so that homes are not seen as investment opportunities.”

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