Tighter restrictions needed on grounds for eviction

Senator Rebecca Moynihan
26 March 2022

Labour housing spokesperson Rebecca Moynihan has slammed government for failing to act on Labour legislation to remove selling property as a ground for eviction. Following record numbers of single adults in Dublin in emergency accommodation, Senator Moynihan expressed her shock at the lack of government action on tackling homelessness.

Senator Moynihan said:

“The number of people living homeless published yesterday are deeply concerning. With the cost of living soaring, my office has been inundated with contact from people who are at risk of facing homelessness as government fails to put in place protective measures for them.

“There are a series of long term structural changes that need to happen to resolve the housing crisis, but in the immediate term, I am calling on government to implement Labour’s Renters’ Rights bill which would remove ‘selling property’ as a grounds for eviction of tenants. We need to see this implemented to give those in rented homes greater security of tenure.

“Unfortunately the Minister is failing to think about the practicalities of people at risk of homelessness. For example, government has put a limit on local authorities buying homes. This will have the implication of housing with HAP tenants being sold, forcing people into homelessness. Instead, government must ensure that where socially supported tenants are in situ, councils can get special dispensation to buy these homes and continue to support the people living there.

“Every month we are seeing homelessness figures creep up. We know that most people who enter homelessness come from the private rental market yet government are failing to grasp the nettle and put better protections in place for renters. The eviction ban during the pandemic protected people and curtailed the rise of homelessness in this country. No one should be wondering where they will sleep tonight. Government must put in place practical supports to safeguard against this.”

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