CCTV must be used to protect communities against illegal dumping

Senator Mark Wall
30 March 2022

Following extensive campaigning to ensure CCTV footage can be used by local authorities to deter illegal dumping, Labour Senator Mark Wall has welcomed the publication of the Circular Economy Bill.

Senator Wall said:

“As we look forward to the summer time and spending more time out and about our communities, I am delighted to finally see action from the government on tackling waste and illegal dumping throughout the country.

“Last year, I introduced a bill to ensure that CCTV footage could be used in the prosecution of illegal dumping cases to deter the behaviour and I’m glad to see the government adopt a pragmatic approach to this.

“People need to act responsibly when it comes to litter, but our communities must also be better equipped so that people can actually enjoy the great outdoors. As we enter spring clean month, many communities will be spending time and money on cleaning up after illegal dumping.

“Local authorities in Kildare, Meath and South Dublin alone are spending an average of €3 million a year on clean ups. If this is replicated throughout our 31 local authorities, then we are wasting on average €90 million per year on clean ups. Imagine how many playgrounds and community facilities like public toilets this money could provide around the country.

“The delayed action on the Labour Bill highlights the lack of vision this government has for our public spaces – this has been highlighted by the pandemic. We need more resources and facilities at a local level. If we are going to reimagine our towns and villages we need to ensure that the social contract is at the heart of this and that town and county plans reflect what communities need. This includes things like playing fields, pitches and parks. We need to ensure that communities have public hubs where people can bring their dog for a walk or practice their soccer skills.”

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