Time to end blanket ban on pets in rented accommodation

Senator Rebecca Moynihan
24 June 2022
  • Labour’s Renters’ Rights Bill would end restrictions on renters

Marking Dog Friendly Ireland Day, Labour housing spokesperson Rebecca Moynihan has called for a ban on landlords prohibiting pets in rented accommodation. Labour’s Renters’ Rights Bill would end this blanket ban on pets which would enable renters to make their house their home.

Senator Moynihan said:

“It’s time to bring renting in Ireland into the 21st century and end blanket bans on pets for renters. The blanket ban on pets by many landlords and even approved housing bodies is simply unfair and it is an erosion of renters’ rights and ability to live the life they want to.

“The blanket ban affects everyone, from older people moving into senior citizens accommodation who are asked to give up their beloved furry friends, to families renting who are excluded from ever owning a family pet.

“Pets play a huge role in many people’s lives. They provide companionship and emotional support, enhancing overall wellbeing. With a greater percentage of people renting now than ever before, we have to explore ways that allow responsible owners have their pets and companions in their rented homes.

“Current policies do not go far enough to help renters. It should be no surprise to anyone that at the start of the pandemic, many renters fled Dublin at the first opportunity because they simply do not feel at home in their accommodation. Labour’s Bill would improve renters quality of life and end the practice of renters being asked to choose between a roof over their head or their pet.”

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