Government Legal Strategy Effectively Climate Denial

Senator Rebecca Moynihan
29 September 2023

Labour’s spokesperson on Climate Senator Rebecca Moynihan reacting earlier to the young people’s court case in the European Court of Human Rights which seeks to force countries to make deeper emissions cuts. The Government has claimed the risks of climate change are “negligible in comparison to the environmental hazards inherent to life in a modern city”.

Senator Rebecca Moynihan, Labour spokesperson on Climate, said:

“The Government’s legal strategy in this case is effectively climate denial. They are trying to argue that they have no legal obligation to protect their citizens from the devastating impacts of climate change in cities.

“This is simply not true. The government has a clear legal duty to protect human rights, including the right to a healthy environment. The climate crisis is a major threat to these rights, and the Government has a responsibility to act urgently to address it.

“The Greens in Government have a responsibility to hold the government to account on its legal defence in the ECHR climate case. They must stand up for climate justice and demand that the Government take urgent action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“They are trying to wriggle out of their obligations on climate action, and this is a dangerous and irresponsible approach.”

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