New Gambling Addiction Figures Show Need for to Urgently Ban Gambling Ads

Senator Mark Wall
06 October 2023
  • ESRI figures should act as a warning to Government

Senator Mark Wall, Labour Party Senator in Kildare South, has responded to the new figures from the ERSI that indicate gambling addiction is a far worse problem than previously believed.

The ERSI estimates that 1-in-30 adults in Ireland suffer from problem gambling, ten times higher than a previous measure from 2019.

Senator Wall said:

“These new figures are shocking and show the urgent need for action to address the gambling problem in Ireland.

“The Government must expedite the Gambling Regulation Bill, which is currently in the Dáil Éireann. This Bill will provide much-needed regulation of the gambling industry and help to protect people from the harmful effects of gambling.

“The Government must also invest in more resources for gambling addiction support services. There are currently only a handful of such services in Ireland, and they are struggling to meet the growing demand.

“Labour have also called for a ban in gambling ads. In recognition of the harm caused by advertising to those at risk of gambling addiction, Belgium has taken the brave move to ban all gambling ads from July of this year. Ireland must follow suit.”

“The Government must not ignore this problem any longer. They must take action now to protect people from the harmful effects of gambling.”

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