COP28 on Verge of Failure

Senator Rebecca Moynihan
12 December 2023

Labour’s Climate Spokesperson Senator Rebecca Moynihan, has today expressed concern following reports that the phasing out of using fossil fuels will be omitted from the COP 28 agreement.

Senator Moynihan said:
“The influence of petro-states at COP28 underscores the need for Ireland and the EU to demonstrate an alternative, steering towards a green-state model for future COP summits.

“As COP28 teeters on the brink of failure in delivering substantial global climate commitments we stand at a critical juncture, and just not allow the fossil fuel industry and countries derail the international need to decarbonise so we meet 2030 and 2050 targets. This is not a game, we are running out of time. The urgency to lead in the fight against the climate crisis has never been more paramount.

“Ireland must take the lead as a green-state champion at future COP summits, offering a viable alternative that prioritises renewable energy such as wind and sustainability over fossil fuel interests.

“The EU as a key global economic powerhouse must now consider if it should introduce climate sanctions on countries who can’t and won’t divest from petrofuelled mindset and seeks to keep the rest of the world stuck.”

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