Can voters trust EPP on environment?

27 February 2024

Labour European candidate for Ireland South Niamh Hourigan said the EPP continues to talk out of both sides of its mouth on climate.

Welcoming the passage of the Nature Restoration Law in the EU Parliament today, Hourigan said we need decisive and inclusive action on the climate and biodiversity emergencies.

Niamh Hourigan said:

“The passing of the Nature Restoration Law is crucial for our planet. 81% of Europe’s assessed natural habitats are in poor condition. This is why the S&D Group has led on pushing this nature restoration law through the EU Parliament.

“It will be the first EU law to set legally binding targets to restore nature, and the first major EU biodiversity law since the 1992 Habitats Directive. January 2024 was the warmest month on record globally, so this law will be central to protecting our shared habitat.

“Despite the clear and urgent need for this law, we continue to see Fine Gael’s EPP group speak out of both sides of their mouth on the issue.

“The law was opposed by the European Conservatives and Reformists, as well as the far-right Identity and Democracy groups in the Parliament who tabled amendments calling for the legislation to be rejected.

“Fine Gael’s group, the EPP also opposed it. While Fine Gael MEPs did support the vote, it calls into question their commitment to protecting our planet’s future.

“That’s why I am putting the Just Transition at the heart of my campaign. I want to be a strong voice in Europe to grasp the opportunities that greening our economy will bring. This must be done in a way that is as fair as possible for everyone, creating work opportunities and leaving no-one behind.

“Delivering nature restoration will require support from farming, forestry and fishing communities. But the key piece in this puzzle is being honest with people. Are Fine Gael’s EPP MEPs being honest with you?

“Can voters trust the EPP in the next Parliament to deliver the policy measures we need on climate change. An alliance of the right and far right after the election in June is a clear threat to environmental progress.”

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